Thrify Style Information

Hello ☺


This blog will be about finding freebies, and discounts from around the grid. The focus will be on all avatars from Adult, Teen, and TD (child Avatars).


My aim is to showcase finds that any normal shopaholic would buy in a heartbeat. I search weekly, almost, for good stuff from around the grid that is Free, or almost free. I am going to try to not blog items that cost 75L and up. Everything will be under 75L and under, hopefully.


A lot of my posts will have my “Staple Items”. I will list them here, for easy access, and to not repeat mentioning them on every blog post.


☺ If you would like to contact me, please send a Notecard to Amelieerose Resident or  Joesaphina Laperriere. If you leave me an offline there is a good chance I won’t get it.  ☺


→ I will not accept items for blogging unless they are free and/or cheapies for everyone. The reasoning of “Well it is free for you” doesn’t work. I am sorry, but I only want to blog things that everyone can get for the same price I got them for. No exceptions.←


Staple Items:

Glasses and Butterfly – .::.Bella’s Lullaby.:: Hipster Gift •••FREE•••

Necklace (long) – [Magic Nook] Over the Moon  •••Past Sales Event•••

Necklace (Cat) – +Half-Deer+ NEKOlace   Siamese ••• 95L •••

Facial Piercing & Eye Tat – Kink  •••Free via  250L GC for group gift•••

Hands & Feet – Slink ••• Not Free •••


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