Lets paint the world pink!

Call me a rebel, a rule breaker… because I am going to break my own rules in this post. I had to wear these Moon Amore shorts again (FREE) , and I couldn’t help but love how well it matches the CoCo jacket/tank (NOT Free). I won’t be doing credits of the shorts and jacket, but if you want a link to Moon Amore click HERE.


Most people that know me, know I love the color Pink. I also love bright colorful hairs, I just don’t always get the chance to wear them because I play a child avatar most of the time. So, when I get the chance to dress up my Teen/Adult avie, I go all out. Lucky for me though, most hair stores that do give freebies, do so with the colored hairs. Win/Win for me, and everyone else like me.


The only issue I have with this hair is that some people (me included) will have to mod their heads/foreheads a bit for this hair to fit properly. Sadly though, this is the case with lots of things, so I never really see it as a huge negative, but rather just a slight annoyance.


In this post also, I am not wearing my normal Glam Affair skin. I was standing around minding my own last week when a group notice dropped in my lap from the Curves store. I am the type that sticks with one skin for long periods of time, but I thought to myself “Why not”, and headed on over. To my surprise there was a total of 4 skins set out for free. One of the skins was for the SL F&O group, and 3 of the stores regular Group Gifts. I promptly joined the stores group, and clicked away gathering up the skins. Out of all 4 of them, I really only liked this one and one other. They do decent work, the faces are smooth, and the bodies are defined. Not to mention, the 4 freebies also came with all appliers included, so you do not have to run and buy the appliers for your enhancements. The designer has great potential. I will be checking other skins (ones you pay for) in the future, but as for the freebies given recently… only 1 will fully make the cut, and the other I will keep around and see if it grows on me.






Skin: Curves •••  Group Gift in Store ••• Free

Hair: Vanity Hair •••  Gift at the Hair Fair ••• Free  — I do not have the link directly to the shop at the hair fair, sorry.


I’m so fancy

blogpostpuppyeditDress and Hat: {NaYu} •••  Group Gift in Store ••• Free

Purse with Dog: TuTys ••• Marketplace Item •••  MP Link

Shoes: Kink ••• Summer Clogs ••• Free with Gift Card given as a Group Gift