Reading the future, and seeing bright lights ahead….

I will be honest here, when I first ran across the notice for the outfit that contained this skirt, I clicked ‘OK’ and moved on. I had no intention of going for it, was just not my style. To be more specific, the shirt for it wasn’t my style… it is a system layer shirt. Fast forward 24 hours, and the notice lands again in my lap, but following that notice was one about a free top from Zaara. I looked at both and thought that maybe I could make this work. The outcome…. something I fell in love with!


The skirt outfit comes with feet ties made for High Slink feet, but with a little elbow grease, and some moding you can make them fit Mid feet. I am wearing them with Mid Slink feet.


blogbohooutfit_Edit blogbohooutfitfeet_editSkin: Glam Affair ••• Brandi ••• Past 50L Friday

Hair: Analog Dog ••• Free from Hair Fair

Shirt: Zaara ••• Lila Crop Top ••• Free Group Gift in Store

Skirt and Feet Ties: FLG ••• Hippie Life ••• Free Gift in store

Pose made by me: Not for Sale


Lets paint the world pink!

Call me a rebel, a rule breaker… because I am going to break my own rules in this post. I had to wear these Moon Amore shorts again (FREE) , and I couldn’t help but love how well it matches the CoCo jacket/tank (NOT Free). I won’t be doing credits of the shorts and jacket, but if you want a link to Moon Amore click HERE.


Most people that know me, know I love the color Pink. I also love bright colorful hairs, I just don’t always get the chance to wear them because I play a child avatar most of the time. So, when I get the chance to dress up my Teen/Adult avie, I go all out. Lucky for me though, most hair stores that do give freebies, do so with the colored hairs. Win/Win for me, and everyone else like me.


The only issue I have with this hair is that some people (me included) will have to mod their heads/foreheads a bit for this hair to fit properly. Sadly though, this is the case with lots of things, so I never really see it as a huge negative, but rather just a slight annoyance.


In this post also, I am not wearing my normal Glam Affair skin. I was standing around minding my own last week when a group notice dropped in my lap from the Curves store. I am the type that sticks with one skin for long periods of time, but I thought to myself “Why not”, and headed on over. To my surprise there was a total of 4 skins set out for free. One of the skins was for the SL F&O group, and 3 of the stores regular Group Gifts. I promptly joined the stores group, and clicked away gathering up the skins. Out of all 4 of them, I really only liked this one and one other. They do decent work, the faces are smooth, and the bodies are defined. Not to mention, the 4 freebies also came with all appliers included, so you do not have to run and buy the appliers for your enhancements. The designer has great potential. I will be checking other skins (ones you pay for) in the future, but as for the freebies given recently… only 1 will fully make the cut, and the other I will keep around and see if it grows on me.






Skin: Curves •••  Group Gift in Store ••• Free

Hair: Vanity Hair •••  Gift at the Hair Fair ••• Free  — I do not have the link directly to the shop at the hair fair, sorry.

Kickin’ It!

I wanted to show these cute tanks from Hankii Pankii that are only 20L for a very short time… so run and grab yours now!! The ones I bought is the zombie version. Who doesn’t love zombies!! Hankii Pankii’s entire store is 75% off also. 

In addition to the tanks, the shorts needed to be thrown into the spotlight also. If you aren’t in the Moon Amore group yet, you need to join. It is worth a slot. The owner of the store is so giving when it comes to amazing group gifts. Just look at these shorts, they have a hud so you can change the texture on them to any of the 6 available!


BlogpostPinkZombieHair: *Dura* •••  Anniversary Gift ••• Free – Group Gift in store

Skin: Glam Affair  Mokatana Europa05 ••• 88L – at C88 Months ago

Top: Hankii Pankii ••• Zombie ••• 20L (Limited Time)

Shorts: Moon Amore ••• Love Shorts ••• Free –  Group Gift in store

Ring: :Moon Amore: •••  Amar es ser Libre Ring ••• Free pack of rings – Join Group

Shoes ••• Tekila Candy ••• Holla Sneakers ••• Free – Group Gift in Store

4 Swimsuits for 20L and Under + 1

Summer is the time for fun in the sun. That means every girl needs a cute swimsuit, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend all those hard earned lindens on one. I scoured through the grid, and ended coming up with 5 different options for those beach side moments. All these swimsuits are 20L or less (except for 1 that is from The Arcade Gatcha event), such a steal.


Know of any other great deals… share them in the comments. The grid is full of awesome little gifts, it is sometimes just a matter of taking the time to look, wait, and hunt for them.

Happy searching!! ☺


                        BlogpostSassySuit blogpostsuitmintgatcha


                    blogpostsuitgreen  blogpostsuitblack


All are Free or 1L unless otherwise stated.

Swimsuit 1: ~Sassy!~ ▬ Sun & Fun

Swimsuit 2: B.B.C ▬ Fly Away Bikini Dot Mint (from the Gatcha Event. Some people might still have them out for cheap at yard-sales) Cost dependent on yard sale.

Swimsuit 3: Casual Lies ▬ Flowers White Trikini –  Cost 19L

Swimsuit 4: [TLG] ▬ Teal Halter Swimsuit

Swimsuit 5: Diva ▬ Strapless Bikini in Black

☺ Lazy Days… are Lazy ☺

Jeans are probably one of the easiest things to match with when dressing, but making it interesting is where it gets tricky. I get lazy, and find interest in the fact I managed to dress my self… today happens to be one of those days. I wanted to wear some cargo pants that are neon(ish) pink with black stripes… but I am still on the hunt for shoes to match them. I will prevail, but until then I wear cute torn jeans, and keep on truckin’ thru.


There is this store on the grid (among many) that almost outfit has a freebie. I love this store, because not only are the freebies great, but some of them are in interesting colors. I am one of those that tend to wear black, white, and pink a lot. When I find a store that I can get other colors of the rainbow for free… I fall in love. The store I am talking about at this moment, is Allure.

Taxi to the store:   Allure SLurl

Make sure to check this place out, it is worth it. Trust me on this one!!


On to the look of the Day/Weekend:




 Hair: Little Bones – Les Garcons ••• Free – Group Gift in store

Skin: Glam Affair  Mokatana Europa05 ••• 88L – at C88 Months ago

Top and Pants: Allure ••• Both are Free – Join Group•••

Ring: :Moon Amore: Amar es ser Libre Ring ••• Free pack of rings – Join Group

Shoes: (fashionably dead) Bossy Boots- Plain Pink ••• 75L via Gatcha

Pose made by me – Not for Sale

All other items that weren’t listed can be found in the About section of the blog. They are staple items I always wear, so I put the info for those pieces there.